A few facts to whet the appetite:


Sorry - the cover seen on the red model pictured is an option I haven't brought

But hey - what is standard as seen on the blue model pictured? Rear lock-up storage box for starters. More lights than a Dakar rally car. EEC certified. Disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rears. Twin rear view mirrors. Indicators front and rear. Brake lights. A decent horn. 

And what are the numbers looking like?

  • 1000W differential motor
  • 23kph +/- 2
  • Range 50 km +/- 5
  • 60V
  • Latest Lithium-Ion battery 20AH
  • Measures 1500x 700 x 1020
  • Weighs net 145kg

What else can I say.....

Brand new just for you....

Price List