WANt 'bling' on the machine?

Quality NZ made accoutrements (I had to look that one up!)

Being in a wheelchair needn't be an exercise in discomfort I am sure you would agree. I like to think my range is offered to you with practical use in mind but there can always be improvements.

Mobility Scooter Acessories

How about a pure NZ sheep skin seat cover with secure seat fasteners.Add to the luxurious feel with matching wool pile or sheep skin armrest covers. 

Your 4wheel scooter is an investment in yourself and as such - deserves protection. A custom lightweight shower proof UV treated dust cover will take care of that. Nice and easy to slip over the machine with its elasticized skirt and a strap n buckle to secure. $59.00

E Scooter: 

Lets start with a corker wee set of seat/ back-rest protectors. Simply velcro in-place. $49.00

And as with the 4 wheel scooter a great lightweight custom made protective cover in grey shower proof UV treated material. Elasticized skirt with a strap n buckle to secure. $55.00

All models:

A lot of folk who spend a bit of time in a chair look to their old (or young!) posterior and deem it a article of bodily functionality worthy of the highest comfort. We agree!! We can make you a custom cushion for your chair in varying foams and thicknesses - all it takes is the question. Examples to date have priced from $45.00

Sheep Pile Arm Rests set of two $40

Additional Information


Wool pile, bound edging and velco fasteners for easy remove and wash.


Wheelchair Sheep Pile Seat Cushion $75.00


Product Description

This Luxury Fleece Topped Wheelchair Cushion features a luxury Pure Wool Pile on the upper and front edge with a vinyl underside. 


  • The pure wool fibres form a cushioning support to help relieve high pressure areas and help prevent sore spots from continued use of a mobility aid.
  • Sheepwool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Instaled to base wheelchair seat with hevy duty velco for holding the cushion firmly in place.
  • Water proof PVC backing and zipper makes easy removal of foam pad, so cushion cover can be cleaned and is machine washable on a cold cycle. 
  • Incontinence protection 20%  more than its wet weight absorbency.
  • Size approx: 46cm x 97cm / 18″ x 38″
  • Thickness 5-7cm,
  • Offers Extra padding and comfort to standard seat cushions and non cushioned base model wheel chair ( ie hospital style) 
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